Our spinach is harvested at a young age to ensure a mellow flavor and delicate texture. Available for most of the year its flavor changes dramatically with the seasons from buttery with a dry finish in the summer to sweet and crisp in the winter. Delicious both raw or cooked..

Baby Kale

Simply delicious to kale lovers and haters alike. We harvest our baby kale at such a young age that its flavor is pure kale without the bitterness and toughness that many folks dislike. If you are aware of kale as being extremely nutritious, but cannot bring yourself to eat it then you should give our baby kale a try. It’s delicate enough to eat as a salad or wilt it slightly with garlic and olive oil as a simple side.

Baby Lettuce Mix

lettuce mix

A custom blend of lettuce varieties is a carefully selected balance of colors, flavors and textures. From sweet and crunchy to smooth and velvety our Baby Lettuce mix has what it takes to withstand a vinaigrette. Our Baby Lettuce Mix contains varieties of green and red romaine, green and red leaf, green and red oakleaf, and lolla rossa lettuces.

Spring Mix

Spring Mix, also sold as Seasonal Salad, is our most popular mixed salad. Our choice blend of baby Asian and mustard greens selected to showcase their best flavors throughout the seasons. A more robust flavor profile than our Baby Lettuce Mix, which it complements nicely, the ingredients will vary during the course of the season as each variety produces it best flavor in different seasons. Our Spring Mix contains varieties of arugula, baby kale, green and red mustards, mizuna, tatsoi, komatsuna.


Arugula has a unique nutty piquancy that defies words to describe it with any justice. Most folks love it and many do not, there seems to be few who are ambivalent in their opinion. Our arugula is selected, grown, and harvested with one thing in mind: flavor. From selection of the tastiest variety to giving the young plants the proper care and harvesting at just the right size we offer an arugula that would make believers of skeptics. Delicious both raw and cooked.


Nothing says Summer than the liquid sunshine flavor of tomatoes. We grow Brandywine and cherry tomatoes.


Cool, juicy, and sweet equals the refreshing flavor of our nearly seedless cucumbers. The Mediterranean variety of cucumber we grow is so thin skinned that you won’t need to peel it.

Sweet Colored Peppers

Sweet, meaty, crunchy, and juicy. Need we say more? We grow the “Corno di Toro” varieties of red, yellow, and orange sweet peppers because we feel they simply taste the best. Cook with them or eat them raw just as you would with a standard bell pepper.


Just like the ginger from the grocery store, yet better and grown in Maine! Our Ginger is grown to full size, but not fully mature. This means you get all of the great ginger flavor without the fibrous texture, plus you don’t have to peel it. Ginger can be frozen and used when needed right in a recipe. Freeze minced or thinly sliced ginger in individual portions or in bulk. Freeze entire rhizome and grate as needed right from the freezer.


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We are proud to grow organic