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Fresh baby salad greens grown to perfection right here in Maine. This is what we do at Fishbowl Farm. We have dedicated ourselves to becoming really good salad greens farmers. It’s our goal to provide Southern Maine with the freshest and best tasting salad greens possible.

How are we able to do this? After a decade of farming every vegetable under the sun my wife and I had our first child, Calliope. In order to allow more time for our new family, we simply decided to refocus our energy and expertise on the crops we loved to grow the most, salad greens. With ten years of experience now focused upon a handful of salad crops we are best able to attend to the needs of each salad crop. And harvest it at just the right moment. We then carefully wash and pack them for delivery the next day. Our salad greens are never more than a day from harvest to delivery. We take great pride in our salad greens and encourage you to taste the difference.

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Fishbowl Farm is committed to producing healthful, nutritious, and safe food of the highest quality, while protecting the integrity of our environment

We choose to use sustainable methods of farming because we believe that these methods place priority on the promotion of healthy nutrient rich soils. From this foundation of healthy soils comes healthy plants and vegetables. Furthermore, healthy plants provide the most nutrient dense foods best able to fend off pests and diseases. With reduced pest and disease pressures we are reducing the need for applied preventive measures. When necessary, we use only materials approved for use on Organic farms to control these problems.

We Pledge to practice only certified organic methods of farming. Never will we use synthetic or genetically modified products in the production of our crops. With your support of Fishbowl Farm you are protecting the land, the farm, and the biodiversity of the earth for generations to come.


Chris Cavendish grew up in Louisville, Kentucky playing in the family gardens and dreaming of one day being an Architect. After graduation from architecture school he moved to Maine to pursue his interests in the New England style of architecture. After a few years working for a firm and growing restless of the city life, he took an extend leave of absence from his job to pursue other life pursuits. After a year of searching for the “next step” he had the good fortune of being accepted to MOFGAs’ “Farmer-in-Residence Program in Unity and Fishbowl Farm was born. That was 2003, continued...

Gallit Sammongrew up on Long Island, New York where as a young girl she began her career of cooking in her high schools’ culinary arts program. Following high school she furthered her education by attending the Culinary Institute of America. From these solid beginnings she went on to work for many renowned restaurants across the East Coast and abroad. The Greenbriar Inn, Waldorf Astoria and Café Daniel are just a few well known restaurants that grace her resume. continued...

Where you'll find our produce ...

We offer many of our products through Rosemont Market and Bakery located in Portland (2 locations) and Yarmouth. When you just feel like having someone cook for you, you can enjoy our produce at the fine restaurants listed below . Click on any of the links below for complete information.

We are proud to grow organic